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Electric concrete mixers for rent

The concrete mixer is intended for the preparation of building mixes in field conditions. Thanks to its compact dimensions, the concrete mixer can easily be moved directly to where you need concrete. With the mobile electric concrete mixer, you can quickly and easily prepare the required amount of concrete at home. The concrete mixer has a single-phase electric power supply which allows the use and without the need for a three-phase electrical installation.

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Резервация на машина


Rentex offers electric concrete mixers for rent. The volume of the electric mixer drum is 150 liters. In the absence of an electrical installation, thanks to its small power output, the concrete mixer can easily be powered by a small gasoline generator.


  • Geometric vessel volume: 150 l.
  • Load capacity: 125 l.
  • Ready-to-use concrete: 80 l.
  • Production time: 120 sec.
  • Supply voltage: 220 V
  • Power: 700 W


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