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Рентекс непрекъснато инвестира в разширяване набора от машини под наем и вече предлага на своите клиенти огро...
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Industrial Dehumidifier

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Rentex Ltd. offers its customers a machine that would deliver them from the humidity at home or in the workplace. This is a dehumidifier, which accelerates the effect of drying times. Used to freshly painted or just treated walls and surface areas. Industrial dryer is like the bit with the difference that accelerates the process and is used for volume space.

Engine: Electric

Effectiveness: from 6 to 40 l / h

Contact us:
  • София 1: 0878 170 015
  • София 2: 0878 450 400
  • Пловдив: 0877 667 399
Helpful information
Цени от 10.00лв. на ден. Обадете се сега!
ID № Name To 4h 24h Weekend Week Month Deposit Reserve
RX10/0901 Industrial Dehumidifier 10l 20.00 lv 25.00 lv 40.00 lv 105.00 lv 300.00 lv 200.00 lv Reserve
RX10/0902 Industrial Dehumidifier 12l 28.00 lv 35.00 lv 56.00 lv 147.00 lv 420.00 lv 200.00 lv Reserve
RX10/0903 Industrial Dehumidifier 24l 32.00 lv 40.00 lv 64.00 lv 168.00 lv 480.00 lv 250.00 lv Reserve
RX10/0904 Industrial Dehumidifier 40l 40.00 lv 50.00 lv 80.00 lv 210.00 lv 600.00 lv 300.00 lv Reserve
RX10/0905 Industrial Dehumidifier 60l 48.00 lv 60.00 lv 96.00 lv 252.00 lv 720.00 lv 350.00 lv Reserve
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The dehumidifiers that Rentex offers can be used both in domestic and professional spheres.