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Pressure Washer for rent

Here you will find quick and easy way to wash dirty surfaces with a pressure washer rental. Pressure washer can be used for washing and cleaning different types of surfaces. In Rentex you will find both petrol pressure washer that allows you to work, where there is no electricity, and standard electric pressure washer.

Pressure Washer
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40.00 лв.
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Pressure Washer
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70.00 лв.
112.00 лв.
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Pressure Washer
80.00 лв.
100.00 лв.
160.00 лв.
60.00 лв.
40.00 лв.

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High pressure washers  are preferred choice of cleaning machines for various types of surfaces. Pressure washers are used both in professional and amateur circles.


  • Engine: Electric or Gas
  • Pressure: from 100 bar to 190 bar


  • Handle
  • Hoses

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