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Рентекс непрекъснато инвестира в разширяване набора от машини под наем и вече предлага на своите клиенти огро...
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Do you know about our new service Delivery of machinery?

Guarantee service

СОФИЯ: 0878 450 400    ПЛОВДИВ: 0877 667 399

Rentex Ltd offers service of guaranteed machines from brand CIMEX. We have a wide range  of spare parts for service.


 The warranty period starts from the date of purchase and delivery of it, as indicated in the warranty card;

Warranty service is carried out only in the presence of a correctly completed and valid guarantee documents, and upon presentation of valid payment documents (receipt, invoice). Warranty affected services is carried out from Rentex service specialists;

 The warranty is voided in a disturbed look, repair, or modify the invoice or warranty card;

 The guarantee is valid only for damage due to a manufacturing defect, which shows during the warranty period;

In case the of failure parts, which are considered as consumables, the machine can not subject to warranty service;

 Warranty service is performed in the service of Rentex at:


Bul."Slivnitsa 450"

+ 359 700 18 188+ 359 700 18 188 

 + 359 878 17 00 14+ 359 878 17 00 14 

 + 359 878 17 00 15+ 359 878 17 00 15