• Single Phase Generator

Single Phase Generator for rent

Rentex offers its customers a wide variety of components for electricity - diesel and petrol, single and three phases. Generators to 6 kilowatts are most commonly used for everyday domestic use as well as to power electric tools and machines with a lower voltage.

Single Phase Generator 3.0kW
20.00 лв.
25.00 лв.
20.00 лв.
15.00 лв.
10.00 лв.
Single Phase Generator 4.6kW
28.00 лв.
35.00 лв.
28.00 лв.
21.00 лв.
14.00 лв.
Single Phase Generator 6.5kW
32.00 лв.
40.00 лв.
32.00 лв.
24.00 лв.
16.00 лв.

Резервация на машина


Single phase generators are easy for transport and operation. They are available in two versions - standard (open) and silenced (restricted) - depending on your needs, requirements and preferences.


  • Engine:
  • Gasoline
  • Diesel


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