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Tamping Rammer for rent

Tamping rammer on rent serves for laying back filling and surface treatment. Tamping rammer is used for padding and stuffing the various embankments, earth, gravel, sand and other. Rammer rental is the best sound machine for trampling on loose surfaces, and for their efforts compaction. It provides maximum shock strength for the purpose. Rammer rental is easy to use and transport.

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Резервация на машина


Rental trams serve for backfilling and surface treatment. The thunder or the so-called Patches Foot is used for sealing and stuffing different types of embankments: land, gravel, sand and more. The rental thunder is the most suitable machine is the firm trampling of friable surfaces, as well as their hard compaction. It provides maximum impact power for the purpose. The hire of the thimble is easy to work and transport.


  • Great impact force
  • Perfectly balanced
  • Reduced vibration level
  • Hand gas with stepless smooth adjustment and locking mechanism
  • Window for easy control of the oil level in the boot
  • Engine protection frame to protect against escape damage
  • Wear-resistant heel made of 4 mm thick steel.
  • Transport rollers for easy handling during loading


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