Welding generator for rent

Rentex offers its customers a welding unit for rent. In addition to its welding capabilities, the multi-purpose welding unit can also supply you with electricity. It is a machine that is increasingly used in the construction industry. The industrial welding unit is suitable for welding specialists. Its working voltage is from 50 to 370 amps.

Welding generator 200А 6kW
56.00 лв.
70.00 лв.
56.00 лв.
42.00 лв.
28.00 лв.
Welding generator 370А 10 kW
128.00 лв.
160.00 лв.
128.00 лв.
96.00 лв.
64.00 лв.
Welding generator 600А 15kW
160.00 лв.
200.00 лв.
160.00 лв.
120.00 лв.
80.00 лв.

Резервация на машина


Rentex offers to its customers a welding aggregate for rent.


  • Power 5kW / 220A.


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